Thursday, February 9, 2012

What’s the Purpose in This?

Life gets pretty hard and troubling at times but we have hope in our Lord.  You have probably heard the verse out of Romans before, Romans 8:28 to be exact.  “And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are called according to His purpose”.  However, if we aren’t careful, we may be culpable of quoting and remembering only one part of this verse, leaving out some major parts we should be careful not to neglect.  It is easy to declare “all things work together for good,” but we MUST realize that this promise is conditional.  “God gives this promise to those who love Him and to those who are allowing Him to accomplish His purpose in their lives” – T. Palmer
The fact of life is, that terrible things in fact, DO happen to superior people, but people are able to see terrible things as good only when they allow God to work out His purpose in their lives.  There is a purpose for and in everything that He allows to enter our lives.   God never makes mistakes!!
Recently, my husband and I experienced our second miscarriage.  Through this difficult time I realized, I have been praying the wrong prayer.  I have prayed “Lord, just get me out of this situation” when instead, I should have been praying “Lord, what can I get out of this situation?”  When I pray this way, my focus diverts from the problem to God and what His purpose is for my life.  We usually observe difficult situations from a human viewpoint which makes it hard to see the good.  Nevertheless, “we can see good when, from a divine perspective, we begin to see the good God will bring about” – T. Palmer
Within Romans 8:28, we have a message of hope and encouragement to those who experience terrible things in life.  I am reminded, as I give way to God’s purposes, He will make the good He is seeking to produce in my life apparent. 

I choose to trust a God who never makes mistakes.  Will you?

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